The Lobby


When you first launch MetaTable you arrive in the lobby. There are 3 main areas of the lobby:

On the left: Your handle and purchase chips:

  • You may purchase additional chips in the lobby at this station.
  • Each new account is given 2000 chips by default. 
  • You may change your handle from your default Oculus handle.
  • Review what your current Oculus Avatar looks like.

Front and center: Table environment selection and seat selection:

  • Scroll through the available tables and pick your seat. There are 4 environments in MetaTable.
  • New tables will be created as tables fill up.
  • All tables have the same blinds and minimums at the moment. This will change in future updates.

On the right: Private tables

  • See the private table kiosk or the description below for private table instructions.

Poker Gameplay

Poker Movie v1.00_01_32_02.Still006.png

MetaTable requires Oculus Touch. Our philosophy is that you should only use your hand grip controllers to play the game. With the exception of the Oculus Home button, the X, Y, A, and B keys do not trigger actions in MetaTable.

Here are some basic poker gameplay in MetaTable:

  • Checking and Calling: If you can check or call, MetaTable will place a check puck or stack of chips to the right of your cards representing the call amount. Simply grab that stack to confirm your call.
  • Raising: Place your hand over denomination of chips you wish to raise with. Move you hand up and down to change the bet amount. When your bet amount is displayed, grip the stack and throw it in to the center of the table.
  • All In: Move your hand all the way down to the bottom of your chip stack. An 'all in' text will appear. Grip the stack and throw it in to the center.
  • Folding: Throw your cards to the center of the table. They will catch fire!

The Menu Puck


While seated at a table, the menu puck to your left allows you to do an number of actions:

  • Block: Mute the voice of certain players so you will no longer hear them. You can also report player abuse directly through the game here. 
  • Mic: Turns of the microphone in your Oculus headset for privacy. Other players will no longer hear you.
  • Chair: Adjust your chair position up/down front/back.
  • Chips: Purchase chips. You can purchase 2000, 10000, or 25000 for the prices shown. Remember, chips have no monetary value and your credit card on file with Oculus will be charged.
  • Items: This is a fun screen. Purchase drinks, food, objects, hats. Items can be given to other players or consumed in some cases. Please be respectful of other player's items. Items have no monetary value. You chip balance will be debited as you purchase items.
  • Sound: This turns off game sounds and music but not other players' voices
  • Info: Gameplay instructions.
  • Feedback: Let us know what you think.
  • Exit: Return to the lobby.

Table Environments


There are 4 table environments for you play in MetaTable:

  • MetaBeach: Cool reggae music, palm trees, and the sound of the ocean.
  • MetaBoo: A haunted house with real ghosts
  • MetaCasino: With all the action a casino has to offer
  • MetaSpace: A futuristic space station

Each environment holds up to 8 players. As tables get full, new environments are automatically generated in the order above. If you really want to play in a specific environment, you should wait for a player to leave and join right away. As more players join our network, the options to play in each environment will increase.

Purchasing Chips & Objects



  • Each new account will be credited 2000 chips to start playing.
  • You may purchase virtual chips using your linked Oculus account. Your card on file with Oculus will be charged once you enter your pin through their secure system.
  • When you join a table, you can use the menu button to purchase additional chips.
  • Chips have no monetary value and are for entertainment purposes only. 


  • At any table, you may purchase props to play with in the game, including food, toys, hats, and masks.
  • Objects can be handled by anyone at the table and do not have a specific owner once purchased.
  • Please respect other player's objects and do not take them without permission.
  • As you can see from our demo video, it's fun to share objects with other players.
  • If an object falls on the floor or is thrown out of reach, it will not be accessible.
  • You cannot take objects with you when you leave a table!
  • Like chips, objects are for entertainment purposes only and have no monetary value.

Private Tables


Private tables are a fun way to play games with a select group of friends.

  • The organizer of the game may purchase 1, 2, or 3 hours using the lobby kiosk
  • Once the purchase is made, the organizer will receive a pin that they can send to their friends. We suggest doing this through voice, text or email. 
  • If you receive a pin from an organizer, enter it in the private table kiosk. A valid pin will display the private table along with your friends that are already playing
  • The timer for the private table begins as soon as the first friend joins, so the organizer can wait in private room alone. The timer will not begin until there are 2 players.
  • Private tables do not use your MetaTable chip balance. Each player is given 10000 chips to begin play and may buy as many rounds of 10000 chips as they like. The rules on number of buy-ins can be discussed amongst the friends playing.
  • Private tables are for entertainment purposes only. The chips have no value and balances will be deleted when the time runs out. Your standard MetaTable chip balance will not be affected by play at a private table.